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About Us

Our mission

Deriblok S.p.a. belongs to a solid private industrial group which, linked to the building industry, wholesale distribution and services, renewable energies and tourism, mainly offers products of high and innovative technology. The production of plastic wrapping materials started in the early ‘80s. Derifan, of which Deriblok is the evolution, began the production of cast films and shortly gained a leading position in the field. Deriblok makes full use of research and experiences exchanged within the group it belongs to.

Our Background

In 1986, strengthened by its success and constant up-dating, it began the production of film in polyethylene. In less than two years, as result of a totally automated production and control process, Deriblok has been recognized for its constant quality. Advanced level of technology, young management continuously up-dated, competitive prices, efficient network supply and assistance service, make Deriblok stronger. This winning combination launches Deriblok towards the future.

Our Technology

Deriblok was the first company to adopt for its own cast films a four layers co-extrusion technology with an automatic thickness control. Moreover, the system of the extended core directly on the production line will cause the entire range of the film is safeguarded by shock and/or deformation of the edge of the rolls, as is the core (cardboard tube) and not the film to touch the ground. Experience and high-tech vocation make so that the production of technical films with very high power-stretch and/or low thickness is part of our daily job, while it represents a qualitative horizon still far away for most of the competitors.


All the above mentioned concepts are totally validated first by Deriblok’s adoption
of a “policy for social responsibility” and then by the achievement of the 4 main integrated management
system certifications.This represents the cornerstone and the principles
from which Deriblok has always been getting inspiration.

Policy for
Social Responsibility

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SA 8000
Social Responsibility

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ISO 9001
Quality Management Systems

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ISO 14001
Environmental Management Systems

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ISO 45001
Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

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Our Product

Deriblok’s cast stretch film is the fruit of high technology, whose ultramodern production process, enables four different layers of material to merge during the extrusion process.
Through the CHILL-ROLL process, it is possible to obtain a real one side cling product with top grade mechanical properties due to the instant cooling of the melted mass (this is impossible to obtain with the blow process). Deriblok’s technology, making full use of a continuous electronic system installed on line, guarantees a thickness variation very close to zero. This is essential for a perfect application of all machine and hand stretch films.
Only Deriblok’s cast films can have simultaneously the following properties:

High stretch capacity

Guarantees a saving on the cost of each unit wrapped; in fact the higher its stretching capacity, the lower the amount of film needed for each palletized unit

Superior tear resistance

Guarantees that, when the film is torn, the tear remains the same and it does not get any bigger;

Strong elastic retention power

Guarantees that the gripping force of Deriblok's film on the load is kept constant with time.

The Production process

  1. The raw material

    The raw material

    The best raw materials associated with large stock capacity

  2. The cast process<

    The cast process

    The multilayer film with controlled thickness is born

  3. The Roll

    The roll

    Cutting and rewinding at high speed and reliability

  4. Quality check

    Quality check

    Strict quality checks on the product

  5. Storage and shipping

    Storage and shipping

    The product, packed on pallets, is ready for shipment to the customer.

The Product Range

Automatic Stretch Film



Power Stretch Film



Hand Stretch Film




Standard Automatic Stretch Film

Technical Data Download

An adhesive polyethylene stretch film which is obtained by a simultaneous process of four different prelaminated layers. Strechable to approx 150% it can be used on both half automatic and fully-automatic power-stretch machines. Suitable for loads of any size or shape, it comes also with an anti-UV treatment to resolve problems which may arise with loads stored out door.


Power Stretch Film

Technical Data Download

A top-rate adhesive polyethylene stretch film is obtained by a simultaneous extrusion process of four different prelaminated layers. Designed for palletizing loads of any kind, it can be used on fully automatic power-stretch machines up to 220% for the FPS, and up to 280% for the 18K. It comes also with an anti-UV treatment to resolve problems which may arise with loads stored out door.


Hand Stretch Film

Technical Data Download

Deriblok is the only company to have the most varied and complete range of stretch film for manual use. Supplied with or without a dispenser, with an inner core which has been standardized to international formats 50 mm. (2 inch.) and 75mm. (3 inch.) it is an adhesive stretch film produced by the merging of four different layers during the extrusion process. This stretch film has been produced for all types of unusual packaging and/or limited spaces.

Deriblok in the world

An important worldwide presence

Thanks to the innovative properties and to the high technology of the 12 maxi production-lines of the two new factories in Battipaglia (SA), Deriblok has created an exclusive pole of excellence, able to reach a production capacity of 200.000 tonnes per year.

The foreign market supply network, supported by the presence of Deriblok’s distribution points in the most important European countries, reaches a top efficiency level. At present Deriblok exports in more than 50 countries, no less than 65% of its total production.


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Our slogan

Our Team

A highly qualified and professional commercial team
is fully available to customers and to our sales force for quick answers.

Antonio Amaturo
Dott. Antonio Amaturo
Marketing&Commercial Director
Export Manager


Alessia Califano
Alessia Califano
Customer Service Italia - Export


Antonella Plaitano
Antonella Plaitano
Customer Service Export


Francesca Barile
Francesca Barile
Customer Service Italia


Tina Trimarco
Tina Trimarco
General Secretary


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Deriblok S.p.a.
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84091 Battipaglia, Salerno - Italy

Tel. +39 0828 304360
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